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These tiles are embossed with replications of my original paintings. They are durable and can act as trivets or even be incorporated into any area you are tiling, such as your backsplash. They come in various sizes; 6×6, 6×8, 8×8, 8×10 and 8×12 (all in inches with a thickness of 1/4″). The piece that is shown is an 8×12. Trivets have a felt backing to protect your surfaces.

If there are any pieces you’d like to see on this tile, just go ahead and make your purchase with a note about which piece you would like on your tile. They are versatile and look amazing!

Note: After the holidays, these will be restocked. Sorry for any inconvenience. They were so popular!

*Please specify which design/painting you prefer upon checkout. Thanks!

These artwork tiles are reproductions of Lisa Wagner’s artwork. Current designs include “We’re Home!” and “The Gadfly.” They come in various sizes and each tile has a felt backing to prevent scratching surfaces. Heat resistant and can be used as a trivet. May also be used in a tile floor, wall or backsplash as a beautiful accent piece.


6"X 6", 6"X 8", 8"X 8", 8"X 10", 8"X 12"


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