Watercolors Galore at the ANEAW Show-Amazing!

                                                                  My supportive family. 

Upon returning home, I had a million things swirling in my head. I’ve been struggling with my current painting (another dose of self doubt…yippee) and questioning do I still like watercolor ? Is that my jam or are acrylics? Maybe collage? Teaching? Workshops? Silly brain! I luckily was able to step back and find neutral space to just be the observer. Deep breaths!

Today, my heart and mind feel settled and newly reinvigorated. I want to be just as good a watercolor artist, if not better than the artists’ works that hung there. If I never quite reach that pinnacle, I look forward to the new learning moments, enhanced skills and hopefully, more show acceptances. There’s always so much more to learn and improve on in this life. Our paths are fraught with doubts, tears, frustration and sweet rewards. Those rewards make the struggle worthwhile and grow our resolve and our spirit. And that, my friends, is where the beauty lies. We are strong. We are capable. We are loved. We are meant for greatness. Don’t ever shy away from it. You’re worth the blood, sweat and tears. 

Have a beautiful rest of your summer, enjoying the sun, burning off the doubt and fear and proceed with confidence. We need your light!



So beautiful!
                                                   Lana Privitera


                                                                                         Susan Weintraub, AWS-df



                                   Laurie Goldstein-Warren, TWSA

Happy June!

Happy June!

Feeling summer in the air brings a welcome relief of upcoming days in the sun with friends and family, soaking in the lush colors, bustling sounds and warm air. It’s a time to recharge your soul and live brightly. To try dipping your toe into that mysterious water you might otherwise avoid.

Acrylic Painting

How about trying your hand at creativity? It opens your heart and your right brain, bringing balance into an often hectic life. So many times, those of us who are creatives, hear others say, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!’

This simply isn’t true. We all live creatively, even if just a little, each day. Remember the last time you had to think up a new strategy at work, or pick out a pretty outfit for a special day? Do your makeup so that you looked that much more beautiful? Finding a way to organize that darned plastic container cupboard? Yup. They’re all creative activities and we all do them. But if we learn to hone that skill and use it to balance that crazy left brain monkey mind, the more at peace we can all feel. It brings a sense of order and quiet space we all crave. Now doesn’t that sound like a small slice of heaven?

If so, why not sign up for an art class? I offer several kinds. Bring a friend or your kids with you to learn and create together. This is one of those few things that there is no age limit to. Imagine trying to dunk a basketball when you’re 60. Now try to imagine sitting anywhere, at any age and feeling peaceful and blissed out while making something that comes from your heart. A lot easier to picture, right? (Not that there isn’t some miracle person that can dunk with ease at 60+.)

Take the leap and click on my “Classes” page and get yourself a slice of joy that lasts a lifetime and actually improves with age! Yayyy for that! You can also keep an eye out for our upcoming workshop (it’s being held Sunday, October 21st-mark your calendar!). We’re calling it “Courage, Creating and Connection.” There will be four instructors leading you through a day of yoga, meditation, massage, intuitive creative guidance and loads of art. Sounds fab, right?! I’m over the moon excited! Hope to see you there! Meanwhile, get comfortable being creatively uncomfortable in my judgement-free zone at my art studio. We’ll have a blast! Lisawagnerart.com/art-classes/

Happy Creating and I can’t wait to see you and what you find courage to do! 🙂