In-Person Intuitive Painting Class


This is a 2 hour long in-person art class that is great for those who’d love to do a creative group activity. Canvas and all art supplies will be provided for you. It’s wonderful for friends, couples and reunions. It can also be used as a team building activity. Lisa’s art instruction and guidance will help you tap into what you need to receive while helping you to release what no longer serves you. This class is one geared towards students learning how to evoke a sense of calm through the act of creating. Lisa will contact you to set up dates and times for your class and any additional information you may need. Classes run on Tuesdays from 6-8 pm EST or Wednesdays from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm EST. If these times don’t work for your schedule, please feel free to contact Lisa so that she can find a time that works for you. Email her lisa@lisawagnerart.com

Lisa’s Intuitive Painting Class is designed to help you release that which does not serve you so that you can tap into a more centered and grounded way of being. This class requires no skills or prior knowledge of painting, which is what makes it so fun! We use inexpensive house paint samples, acrylic paint, all kinds of brushes, mark-making tools, pastels and loads of art supplies on a 16×20 canvas. (Lisa has canvas at her studio for purchase, if need be.)

Lisa will show you how to use various art supplies to make your piece and your experience more meaningful. Lisa will also instruct you on various painting techniques that will allow you to get into a state of flow and out of our monkey mind way of being. You’re going to love this class! It’s great for couples, friends, parties, reunions and team building. It can also help those who are struggling to find an outlet that permits them to work through emotions and pain to feel less anxious and burdened. It’s a beautiful practice!


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