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Lisa’s goals for you are greater than you’ve ever allowed yourself to imagine. Let her guide you and show you ways to get your business or art practice off the ground in manageable steps. Her encouragement and belief in you and your abilities will inspire you to take on your artistic dreams and make them into a reality!

What her former coaching client, Gabby has to say about this course: “Delivered with love and humor, Lisa’s class is a rare gem! Her infectious enthusiasm for what she does helps to guide you through the creative process with ease and wonder. Making you want let go, let lose and make beautiful, more meaningful art!”  Thanks, Gabby!!

Let me help you begin the journey you’ve been wanting to take but need encouragement and direction. I spend two hours virtually one on one with you via Zoom to begin a plan to make that first step less scary. This is a safe place for you to talk about where you are at and why. I break helpful and loving steps down into manageable and exciting bits that will make you feel capable of moving forward!

As we move farther into your coaching, I can also show you how to create your art biz and help get you going towards your goal to begin selling and marketing yourself to the right audience once you feel confident enough to take your art out into the world!

Initial 15 minute consult is free. Lisa will email you her proposal that informs you what she will work with you on and how she will go about it. Once you have signed off on it, Lisa will schedule times for coaching times. During this coaching, Lisa will help you find ways to stay on track with your work and create a consistent art practice.

*Classes canceled less than 24 hours prior to class will not be rescheduled or refunded.


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