#Welcome to #LisaWagnerArt!

I’m so thrilled to have you here. I thought I’d begin with the “How” of my becoming an artist and that squiggly little path would be a great way to introduce myself to you, the viewer.

I loved art as a kid. I would grab anything I could get my hands on. I never really got serious about my abilities until one day, at the age of 12, I drew a picture of this sweet dog that I saw in my book I had been reading. It turned out just like the illustration. I was quite pleased with myself and HAD to now draw everything in sight ever single free moment of every day!

Unfortunately, life took over a bit. School was difficult for me (math and English were where I excelled but don’t ask me a thing about Chemistry). There were so many amazing artists in my art class in high school that I didn’t think I could be THAT and neither did my teacher. It made me put away my art supplies for a long time and I decided to make my college major accounting. Not surprisingly, I hated it.

I got married shortly after college to my high school sweetheart, Paul. We began having kids the following year. Our oldest, Jackie, loved art. The projects we would do together were so fun, we would get lost in the day. It still makes me smile!

Our son, Adam was born five years after his sister and that was when I knew I needed art more fully in my life. I decided to take a watercolor class through our local continuing education program in our town. My instructor, Judy Soprano (aka my second mother), knew how to find something beautiful in even the worst work. It was so inspirational. I felt like I had finally found who I was and where I should be pointed. I took several more classes from her and a few other local artists (all amazing in their own rights), joined local art groups and even tried to get into national shows (I’ll save that fun story for the next blog). I even got to teach Judy’s class when she retired.

I again found myself having to put this passion aside, however, when the bookkeeper at my husband’s business left. I wanted to help him however I could and was there until just this last December. I was about an 10 year run. Paul, being the supportive and encouraging partner that he always is, told me it was time for me to find someone to do my job and get myself a studio space so that I could finally be fulfilling my lifelong dream-being a full-time artist! I was over the moon. I found a great bookkeeper and landed a studio in the building I had been wishing I could be in for thirty years (Anderson Alley). I still have to pinch myself!

My first love will always be watercolor. Collage and acrylics are what I love to turn to when I feel like I’m a bit stuck. They can be so easily manipulated and forgiving. It’s a great way to experiment with ideas that are rolling around in your head for that next big piece.

My goals are to push my limits not only in my work but with teaching and workshops. How can this serve the greater good? How can I follow my path and honor myself and others? This has my brain working overtime with wonderful ideas (stay tuned!!). I look forward to sharing them with all of you and having you become a part of that beautiful ripple.

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