Magical Workshop

.What an incredible way to spend a day! Courage, Creation & Connection Workshop brought more light, magic and gifts than I could have ever dreamed. Participants became students of their own life and gifts in a way that led many to tears and fabulous goosebumps.

Beginning Our Day

Beginning the day with a wonderful overview from Joy. She helped each of us understand the Ayurvedic rhythms of the day (Kapha, Pitta & Vata). She explained how we structured the workshop to follow what works best, energy-wise, for most. It felt like we could all relate, especially to the 2 pm “I need a nap.” That received quite a funny reaction!

We then moved in to heart-opening yoga and meditation with Candace. Wow! Did that help us find our stuck energy and areas that needed loosening up?! Heck, yeah! Joy then moved us into feeling energized and ready for the Pitta time of day (10 am to 2 pm). We were then ready to fire on all cylinders for our painting. It also prepared us for insightful times with intuitive guide, Joy.

Being Centered Moves to the Canvas

Painting from our heart space was such an incredible journey for the students. (I call them “students” because what I witnessed from each of them told that beautiful story of being in a place of learning about one’s self.) Moving the paint brush on the canvas with colors and movements that spoke to their current life circumstances was different for each. The burning off of old wounds and stories and into a place of observer really helped each of them see their voice and those that are speaking to them.

Beautiful Bodywork

It was also wonderful to see them work through tightness in their bodies with Michelle, who has such an intuitive way of understanding an individual’s energy. She finds areas that need a little extra help with opening and relaxation in order to be receptive to what the Universe has in store for them. Students walked away from her with a glowing light. So incredibly cool!

Hearing Their Truth

To also see students walk in to speak with Joy about their lives and the paths they hope to be on looking one way and coming out looking freed from what it was they didn’t need anymore; blazing a clear path to begin to follow was another bit of magic! It helped bring the workshop into an amazing full circle experience.

Upon receiving Joy’s words and coming back to the painting, it was goosebumps central how the painting spoke to what they discussed with her. I think I cried and had those bumps about 20 times!

Imparted Magic

All aspects of this day helped we, as instructors view what it was we had envisioned for this day and it was even great than that! For our students of life? Although I can’t speak for them, what I did witness was a peace and greater sense of direction and knowing. It was a magic that was powerful and palpable. We felt so honored for to not only partake in but to be a witness to.

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