Courage, Creation and Connection Workshop

Upcoming workshop dates to be announced soon!

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Lisa Wagner created this workshop to assist her students to become centered and grounded in a way that creativity does so beautifully. Lisa and her other gifted instructors will be walking you through a series of various techniques and tools that each person can use again and again to help them de-stress and come back to center.

Our day begins with a wonderful meditation and then we move into heart-opening yoga poses. This allows you to be receptive to the messages you receive while working on your canvas afterward. Plus, it just feels so beautiful and calming.

We then move to our canvas and apply only 3-4 colors to see what shapes appear. It informs you and helps you to see how our mind and the messages you receive are being formed.

Lisa then assists you in seeing elements you may not notice, as the piece is so up close and seemingly precious in that moment. Many students become uneasy but this is where the real magic happens! Getting outside of what’s comfortable and finding that you actually can allow what you thought to be “perfect” or “beautiful” has a deeper purpose and is only just the beginning of this journey. You will be amazed at what you garner from this portion of the day! That there are deeper messages awaiting you that are Divine and have only been patiently waiting for you to be ready to receive them. It’s an experience you will cherish for a lifetime and allows you to grow a greater practice of self-love, listening and expansion of your soul’s capacity for genuine connection to your joy.

The Courage, Creation & Connection Workshop is like no other and is always filled with joy, magical moments and beautiful support from your instructors and fellow participants. It’s a beautiful sense of community with a common goal of becoming your deepest and highest self through creative self-expression and thoughtful practices.

You are going to love this!

Hear what a past student said about her CCC Workshop experience:

“I had the opportunity to take Lisa’s workshop and loved every bit of the experience .
Exploring intuitive painting was a breath of fresh air, it allowed me the freedom to play with color and texture . The environment was inspiring and supportive so that all levels of artists could feel comfortable. The inclusion of intuitive guidance during the day really has a positive influence on the art making.
It was a small inner journey for me and I have been applying what I’ve learned from the workshop to my current artwork and well-being
Thank you Lisa for inviting us into your space and heart! Loved it through and through!” Jeannine P.

“It’s an awesome class! I really enjoyed looking within and painting freely. If you love painting and want to express [yourself] intuitively, I highly suggest you take her course. You will LOVE it!” Marisol E.

So, find a friend you’d love to share a life-changing experience with. You’ll have a wonderful day that you’ll be talking about for months and years afterward. It’s that eye-opening and transformative. Plus, it’s a building block that you can add on to and access in your growing toolbox of coping mechanisms. You deserve the value this will add to your life. Can’t wait to see you here! You’re going to love it!