Courage, Creation & Connection Workshop-Manifesting Intention

What is My Life’s Intention?

Live Your Manifested Intention
Set Your Intention

I often ask myself and the universe, “What is my purpose?” Many times I would feel a void when asking that. Now, I feel driven to fulfill what I know I currently am meant to do; live with intention. To be a light in this world that so sorely needs it. Being mindful enough that I live from a place of love and not fear. But what does that look like? I sat with that for a long time trying to see what shape the universe would have me make that. 

The Shape of My Purpose

My real ah-ha moment was when I thought, “Why is my husband so impatient? Why can’t he hear me?” Well, when I wasn’t hearing and honoring him, how could I have expected anything in return that I needed? I wasn’t serving his needs to be fully engaged with me. For my presence. For my compassion and empathy. But then I thought, “How can I give that when I have no idea how to be that for my self? When I feel shame and like I’m never enough?” Seems pretty sad when we all know deep down inside we truly are perfectly imperfect. That the universe has our back, even when we turn ours to it. That’s grace that can transcend all pain and fear. It’s what helped me to begin my journey to something I had only wished I could do and be. It’s easy to say you want to be a light but executing that in a mindful manner that is of service to others felt daunting. I began doing meditations that I found on Gabrielle Bernstein’s Facebook page  Gabby Bernstein Meditations. Her Light Worker Meditation shifted everything for me. I began to see a way for my artwork and love of my mindfulness practice to merge into an experience I could share with others; to create a multifaceted workshop! Allowing in guidance and space for growth to really set free ideas and shaping what I knew would bring others that same growth. 

I Dream In Color

Dreams began to come alive. Each night was a new vision that took shape within a few days. I called on those I knew could help me make this workshop a reality. Joy Dennis, my friend, life coach and amazing creative mind was the first I spoke with about how to turn this idea into a reality. My colorful dreams now had a real and defined purpose. I knew I needed intuitive painting to coincide with other mindful practices, especially self-care. 

Check out my recent blog, “Happy Summer!”  to read more about how my intentions have been coming into being.


Mindful Self-Care

For years, I have been practicing yoga, meditation, quiet, creative space and seeking out natural and holistic ways of caring for my health. Massage always centers me and helps me to free up to do my intuitive painting. It releases areas of tension and helps me to mindfully see how much stress I am carrying in my body (which, at times, shocked me that I was able to move at all!). Yoga, I have always found (since a back injury in 1991), can free me from my fear-based worry and bodily symptoms that inevitably accompany it. Life coaching and therapy helped guide me toward solutions that honored myself and those I loved. Ayurveda methods have also helped myself and so many others slow do, find a balance of my mind, body and spirit. So, I of course had to add that element to the day! (Here’s a great article from The Chopra Center on Ayurveda practices: https://chopra.com/articles/what-is-ayurveda  

Be Your Intention
Intention Through Ayurveda

A Beautiful Combo!

A sat down with the three ladies that will be my fellow instructors, Joy Dennis, Michelle Mottshaw and Candace Piccirilli to see how we could make this a workshop of real intention. One that is based in light and love. By morning’s end, we had a winner! Each of us really enhance one another’s gifts, which in turn will do the same for our participants. Courage, Creation & Connection Workshop is a combination of intuitive painting, acrylic and mixed media techniques (me), intuitive guidance, mini life coaching, Ayurveda practices, and oracle card readings (Joy), chair massage, acupressure & reflexology (Michelle) and yoga, meditation, mindful eating & breathing practices (Candace). This workshop is power packed and gives you various ways to set that life intention!

What This Day Intends to Impart

My vision for Courage, Creation & Connection Workshop is for the participants to set an intention or seed of positive change that will be nurtured as we begin to go into our winter season. This time of year asks of us to slow down and begin to find ways that we can give ourselves a loving kindness practice of “just being.” The practices you will begin to hone on that day will allow you to become a light. Be who you are meant to be. We will grow this practice each season and watch one another go forth a model for others how to live from a place of love. I can’t wait to see not only this workshop grow and serve others but to watch our participants develop their lives into ones that fully honor their spirit and bring forth change in the world that brings light and love to the forefront. What is your daily intention for your life? You can help find that through this workshop. We wish that for you! Begin your beautiful transformation. Register Today for Our CCC Workshop!


Our Workshop Schedule:

  • Sunday, October 21st (Lisa’s studio; 25o N. Goodman Street, Studio 212, Rochester, NY 14607)
  • 8-8:30am      Sign In Begins
  • 8:30am       Introductions & Workshop Overview
  • 8:45-9:30am  Yoga & Meditation
  • 9:30-11:45am    Painting
  • 12-12:30pm        Lunch
  • 12:30-1pm          Walking Meditation
  • 1-2pm                   Painting*
  • 2:40-3pm           Closing Meditation


Seed of Intention
Plant the Seed of Your Own Intention

Watercolors Galore at the ANEAW Show-Amazing!

                                                                  My supportive family. 

Upon returning home, I had a million things swirling in my head. I’ve been struggling with my current painting (another dose of self doubt…yippee) and questioning do I still like watercolor ? Is that my jam or are acrylics? Maybe collage? Teaching? Workshops? Silly brain! I luckily was able to step back and find neutral space to just be the observer. Deep breaths!

Today, my heart and mind feel settled and newly reinvigorated. I want to be just as good a watercolor artist, if not better than the artists’ works that hung there. If I never quite reach that pinnacle, I look forward to the new learning moments, enhanced skills and hopefully, more show acceptances. There’s always so much more to learn and improve on in this life. Our paths are fraught with doubts, tears, frustration and sweet rewards. Those rewards make the struggle worthwhile and grow our resolve and our spirit. And that, my friends, is where the beauty lies. We are strong. We are capable. We are loved. We are meant for greatness. Don’t ever shy away from it. You’re worth the blood, sweat and tears. 

Have a beautiful rest of your summer, enjoying the sun, burning off the doubt and fear and proceed with confidence. We need your light!



So beautiful!
                                                   Lana Privitera


                                                                                         Susan Weintraub, AWS-df



                                   Laurie Goldstein-Warren, TWSA

Happy Spring!

#Happy Spring!

I thought that seen as nature decided to start blooming finally (sooo slow in WNY), that it was time for me to do the same. My first act of coming alive was to find out that my painting, Red Right Returning, was accepted into the Adirondack National Exhibition of American Watercolor show (ANEAW) in Old Forge, NY. This is my first painting since returning to the art scene in twelve years! I have been in their show twice before (2004 & 2006), so it’s been awhile since I’ve felt like a “real artist.” (Who decides that anyway??) The show opens August 3rd and runs through September 30th. The works in this show are always breathtaking, humbling, completely inspiring and have, at times, made me cry right in the middle of the show. It’s THAT good!! https://www.viewarts.org/exhibitions/upcoming-exhibitions/2018-adirondacks-national-exhibition-of-american-watercolors/
My next bit of aliveness came as an inspiration to integrate things I love with my art. I decided to design a workshop with three amazing women who I love a respect. It will be a day-long endeavor with room to grow into a weekend-long and hopefully, even a week-long workshop someday in the not so distant future. These women are so talented and centered. I just adore them! I have it slated for October and can’t wait to share the full Monty with all of you soon (have to work it out to total fruition first but it’s totally going to be worth the wait!). We are hoping, that with our combined talents and knowledge, we can create an atmosphere of peace, harmony and growth that can be used in everyday life and to combat environmental stresses. Couldn’t we all use a lot more of that!?
And since the sun seems to be in full warming up my mind mode, I thought, “Why not open an Etsy store to sell my doodles on useful objects?” That’s today’s task. I will let you all know when that is up and running (fingers crossed it’s done by mid-May). It’s a great way to make my work available to folks of all budgets and make for thoughtful gifts for those you love, including your wonderful self! 🙂 I would also like a percentage of the profits to help kids who want to become an artist themselves, realize their dreams. Another bit of joy to add to the world. https://www.etsy.com/shop/LisaWagnerArt
Currently, we have just added a page to the website that allows you to shop for whatever of my goods you’re interested in from the comfort of your home (or when you’re bored at work), although I’d love to see your cute selves at my studio. We are adding new things all the time now that I have my pretty workspace! https://lisa-wagner-art.myshopify.com/ While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to my email list so that you can be the first to see what’s new for classes and workshops or even for the latest painting. There will be sweet deals in there for those who subscribe (see why it’s awesome?!).
Don’t forget that this Friday is a First Friday (yayyyy!!) and we are all dying to have you swing by Anderson Alley and check out all the fab things we have going on (when I walk around here and talk to my building mates and artist friends, I get soooo inspired!). You’ll want to make it a regular First Friday, slated on your calendar in stone, kind of thing. Plus, there’s tons of great food and entertainment in the NOTA area.
Here’s a peek at a piece I finished this morning titled, “My Little Pretties.” I’m having so much fun with these table scapes! I have Lynn Whipple to thank for that. 🙂 If you don’t know her, you should totally check her out.

Happy Spring!!